Prototyping and graphics testing:

Esepac offers an extensive range of equipment for the production of prototypes for materials in sheet form, 3D polymer printers and graphics testing.

3D prototyping

3D bi-material polymer printers and a Rolland machining centre for polymers, composite resins, and wood, for mass production of various objects.

The bi-material printer enables a finished object to be made from 2 materials whose rigidity and/or colour are different.

2D prototyping

Konsberg cutting table L22 (1600 x 2200 mm) linked up to an HP 550 industrial printer (1600 mm width) enabling flat models to be cut out and printed, and then erected.

Graphics testing

An Epson 9890 industrial printer (width 1100 mm) enables high quality graphics testing to be undertaken, while a Xerox digital press enables small digital print runs to be undertaken.

Micro-parts manufacture

A Babyplast microinjection moulding machine, for the manufacture of micro parts in small quantities, rounds off our comprehensive technical facilities.