Some talk about packaging,
we train the others

Packaging, careers of the future

Sustainable development, in all its forms, underpins the growth and the future of careers in packaging. Bio-sourced materials, biodegradables, packaging size reduction, solutions reengineering and new manufacturing processes are just some of the new fields of investigation. Adapting packaging to meet the latest regulations and increasingly stringent legislation… a host of new skills to be acquired.

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Master in Packaging Engineering

BAC + 5
Train industry executives, leaders and referrals who lead teams to the completion of a project.

Bachelor of Packaging Technology

BAC +3
Train specialists in packaging who are capable of developing, managing and optimising packaging

Licence Chimie Parcours Packaging

BAC +3
Préparer des étudiants de profils scientifiques aux métiers de l’emballage et spécifiquement à l’entrée au Master Packaging

Industrial placement

2 modes of study, either full-time with internships abroad or in France, or with industrial placements

2 types of industrial placement: apprenticeship or professional contract

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Created in 1991, Esepac has a quarter of a century’s experience in training packaging engineers who live up to industry’s expectations.

An original pedagogy, based on the setting in situation, the assimilation by the realization of projects of company, industrial studies, concrete achievements. It is supported by a large and constantly renewed technical platform (around 170 k € / year). (formation)

An international opening in development, projects in duet with American and German students, visits and exhibitions abroad allow students to improve their practice of English and their understanding of different cultures.

Continuing professional development allows the diffusion of knowledge towards the company is at the heart of the concerns of the Esepac, in the form of diploma courses (type VAE) or qualifying (targeted training)(services for businesses)

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