Esepac’s services for businesses

Training, Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (VAE), Laboratory, Apprentices, Placement Students… supporting the development of your business in a host of ways

Training courses:

Whether to complement existing knowledge or get to grips with new technologies, Pack Avenir and Esepac offer you various continuing professional development training courses, both inter and intra-company, as well as Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (VAE) for Bachelor (Licence) and Master degrees.  We also offer a professional qualification (CQP) in packaging design and industrialisation.

We work with you to identify the optimum means of financing the training and to undertake the appropriate administrative processes.

A laboratory at your service:

An organisation that commits to providing you with precise information (samples, tests, norms, timescales, prices…) and to responding efficiently (taking your order, carrying out trials, sending results …)

A service that is suited to meeting your needs for carrying out standardised or specific tests, using modern, high-performance equipment (an average of 170 K€ invested annually)

Laboratory testing tariffs>>

Company projects:

We manage approximately 20 industrial projects of which the majority are brought to market.

A financial contribution from the company, in the form of paying apprenticeship tax, is requested.

Prototyping and graphics testing:

Esepac offers an extensive range of equipment for the production of prototypes, bi-material 3D printers, a Rolland machining centre, Konsberg cutting table, HP 550 and Epson 9890 industrial printers, Xerox digital press.

A Babyplast microinjection moulding machine, for the manufacture of micro parts in small or large quantities, rounds off our comprehensive technical facilities.