Professional projects

Professional projects:

Esepac manages an average of 20 industrial projects of which the majority are eventually commercialised.

Businesses can benefit from 3 categories of project:

  • A student project, managed over the academic year from September until the end of March (2nd year Master’s) or the end of June (1st year Master’s, Bachelor’s)
  • A research study undertaken by students over several weeks
  • A project managed by a school staff member

A financial contribution from the company, in the form of paying apprenticeship tax, is requested.


Annual project:

From September to March or June

Students, coached by Esepac staff, undertake the entirety of a creation, redesign, or performance improvement project.

The business submits the brief, provides feedback at the halfway point, organises a selection meeting and a debrief.  The reports and prototypes are given to the company, who pay only for the raw materials used.

Example: Quechua range

baron-spririt-industrialise Occasional studies

Depending on student’s availability, occasional studies can be undertaken.  Students, using their fresh new ideas and knowledge, develop and put forward original and relevant solutions.  Working to the technical specifications and other constraints of the business, they are required to structure and produce their solutions.

Example : le baron des Spirits


Projects managed by school staff members:

In order to maintain a high level of technical skills, develop in-depth knowledge of the school’s equipment and keep up-to-date with business practices, the school runs several large-scale industrial projects.