Professional qualification (CQP) in packaging design and industrialisation

This course offers a professional qualification from the paper and cardboard industries.

Its aim is to develop and recognise the skills of employees in the fields of packaging design and industrialisation in the paper and cardboard industries.

What are the objectives?

Employees who attend this course are capable of:

  • Suggesting creative and technical packaging solutions.
  • Taking into account customers’ marketing and technical requirements, and developing appropriate detailed models and mock-ups.
  • Adapting their creations to the business’s production systems, and of developing basic industrial production tools.

Who can attend this course?

This training course is suitable for new recruits or experienced employees working in or wishing to join R &D services in the cardboard, corrugated board and POS material sectors.

How is the training delivered?

All the training takes place at Esepac, using industry standard software and tools.

How is the training organised?

  • Eight 5-day modules
  • 256 training hours in total
  • Trainers: Esepac and approved training providers
  • Price: please contact us

Training programme content

Draw up the design specifications negotiated with the customer

  • Structure design specifications
  • Understand how the product will be used and its purposes
  • Understand the requirements of sustainable development and eco-design
  • Understand how to read and interpret a customer plan

 Draw up a plan and a functioning prototype

  • Learn technologies of design and creation in cardboard and corrugated board, using Artios CAD software
  • Manufacture a functioning prototype
  • Explore creativity and graphic design techniques

Putting a graphic design into practice

  • Learn printing and colouring techniques, explore the graphic design process
  • Implement a graphic design, photogravure

Optimise the chosen solution for industrialisation

  • Optimise a design for production tools, methods, choice of materials and design of tools
  • Optimise economic aspects of producing the chosen solution
  • Master basic volume concepts for bases, lids, seams, flaps, slots, surrounds…

Measure and evaluate the technical performance of designs in cardboard

  • Know the principal norms and tests for paper and cardboard boxes and packaging, test the various structures
  • Learn about FMECA analysis and audit processes, optimise design to meet sustainable development requirements

Industrial project

  • Master the design of a simple and creative packaging solution
  • Draw up manufacturing specifications, structure and present creations


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