Packaging… a gift-wrapped opportunity!

All manufactured products are packaged: food, medicines, cosmetics, textiles, furniture, electrical equipment and much more …

Just imagine the oppportunities that this field of work offers you!

A dynamic, innovative sector…

Packaging is the 7th largest sector in French industry, on a par with aeronautics.

  • 1,500 businesses
  • 115,000 employees; approximately 6% of employees in France,
  •  €21 billion turnover,
  • 3% of the turnover of manufacturing industry,
  • 2nd largest industry in Europe by turnover,
  • 4th largest exporter worldwide.

The world packaging market represents 500 billion euros and employs 5 million people in more than 100,000 businesses.
France is ranked 5th in the world and produces 4-5 packaging items per person every day.

Packaging companies are to be found throughout France and operate in many different sectors:

Food and agro-industry 69 %
Health, Pharmacy 11 %
Cosmetics, Hygiene, Perfumery 10 %
Capital goods 10 %

Playing multiple roles…

Pleasing consumers, prompting a purchase, protecting and preserving a product, making a product user-friendly, ensuring product safety and integrity, and being environmentally friendly… these are the main role that packaging plays.

Constantly evolving…

Reduction at source, biomaterials, RFID tags, oven-ready packaging, intelligent packaging, active packaging…

And in need of a whole range of skills…

Perfecting high-performance packaging demands well-developed, varied skills:

  • Marketing and Design, to sell the product
  • Negotiation, to purchase the right quality at the right price,
  • Techniques and Methodologies, to meet the constraint of the product lifecycle,
  • Production management, to reduce the costs of manufacturing the products.

Primary source for the above information: Sessi 2008 report. Read the full report (in French) at

Roles in packaging:

  • Structuring demand
    • Multidisciplinary knowledge of the field of business and related fields
    • Capacity for organisation and leadership
    • Directors / Managers / Heads of department
  • Designing solutions
    • Technical skills and managing external relationships
    • Capacity to turn theory into practice, enquiring mind, analytical thinking
    • Design engineer, head of R and D
  • Product manufacture
    • Technical skills and managing people
    • Capacity to respond
    • Production, quality, maintenance manager
  • Research and development of new technologies, materials and processes