Presenting Esepac

Esepac, setting the benchmark in the world of packaging:

  • 165 students annually, 93% on sandwich courses with industrial placements; studies in small groups of 18 to 24 students,
  • More than 1200 graduating students since 1992,
  • 17 permanent staff mainly with backgrounds in industry,
  • 13 research and teaching staff from Université Blaise Pascal, Clermont-Ferrand,
  • 39 professional trainers of various nationalities, all with packaging experience,
  • Since 2006, 93% of our students have gained employment within 4 months of graduating

Esepac, where education means business:

  • Close links with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and with French and international leaders in the packaging industry,
  • Students who work in a context that’s similar to business: reporting to a section leader, undertaking real projects for real businesses, workloads, working hours and work tools that are close to those found in business, participation in professional competitions.
  • Classrooms are set around the workshop; staff desks and offices are also located in and around the workshop, enabling maximum staff-student contact.

Esepac, backed by industry, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the University, has:

  • Become the leader in post-graduate packaging training and education in France, offering the only Master’s degree in this field and a class of more than 40 students. The success rate in exams is 98%.
  • Developed exceptionally close relationships with businesses: we have a portfolio of more than 300 partner companies (industrial placements, internships, presentations, professional training, industrial studies and research…).
  • Set up and runs the “Prospective Packaging” and “European Packaging Network” clubs which bring together industry decision-makers from different field of activity.  These clubs suggest potential new initiatives in developing packaging training and education.

Esepac, a solid infrastructure:

  • Born on 5th October 1991 at the initiative of the Haute-Loire Chamber of Commerce and Industry and of Blaise Pascal university, in order to meet the needs of the plastics industry in the Haute-Loire; Esepac has been in existence for over 30 years.
  • Located in a new, industrial-style building since 2011.
  • Average investment of 170k € annually.
  • Students learn to use recent machinery and equipment for creating packaging in cardboard and plastics, printing, and cosmetics and laboratory production line packaging.
  • Has offered a Master’s degree in Packaging Engineering (Master Ingénierie Packaging) since 2005 and a Bachelor’s degree in Packaging Technology (Licence Technologie Emballage) since 2009.