CVthèque – meet our placement candidates

List of placement candidates

Our CVthèque, a compendium of Bachelor’s and Master’s students looking for apprenticeships or professional training contracts, can be consulted here.  (Please contact us to obtain your password)

CVThèque ESEPAC – 2017-2019 -30-8-17

Selection methodology

Esepac carries out interviews and evaluation tests, then provides successful candidates with a list of placement offers and provides businesses with a list of candidate CVs.

Candidates apply for a job (or the business contacts them), evaluation interviews are held, and then an apprenticeship or professional training contract is signed.

Setting up an industrial placement contract

Businesses carry out their selection using their usual processes and may also seek the opinion of Esepac (Dominique Beraud:, or 04 71 02 01 39).  They then confirm their choice to Dominique, who will begin the administrative procedures.

The company will be contacted by Esepac in order to obtain the information required to draw up the apprenticeship or professional training contract.

Once the contract has been drawn up, it will be sent to the company, who will forward it to the student. The contract is also sent to the CFA (Apprentice Training Centre, for apprenticeship contracts) or to the OPCA (financing organisation, for professional training contracts).